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We appreciate your donations so that we may continue to provide free and low cost literary services to the     
 community.  Keep us in mind with a small contribution to help defray our expenses.   

Please email:  and we will  send you a chapbook or broadside to show our appreciation for  your generosity and support.  Thank you very much!
We wish
extend heartfelt gratitude and acknowledgement to our generous donors for supporting RI poets and writers through the years. Your contributions impact our community in many ways! 

                                                           The Awesome Anonymous (Four)

                                                                 Luann Battista (Luigi's Restaurant)
                                                                         James Cronin
                                                                        Andrew Browder
                                                                          Nancy Brown

                                                                         John Campbell                    
 Diane Dolphin
                                                                           Joan Fishbein
                                                                             Sarah Gray

                                                                           Kim L. Horton
                                                                           Karen Haskell

                                                                             Julie Hassett
                                                                          Margaret Inman

                                                                    Marguerite Keil Flanders

                                                                     L'Artisan Cafe & Bakery

                                                                  Brielle and Denise Manzolillo  
                                                                          Marriott Hotels

                                                                Patricia McAlpine
                                                                             Phyllis Messier

                                                                             Sandra Moran
                                                                              Mary Mueller                                                                                                                                                                                                Marilyn Murphy (Ilyn)

                                                           Notable Works Publication and Distribution

                                                                    Jacqueline Philip Salon and Spa

                                                                              Plaid and Stripe

                                                                               Kara Provost                        
                                                                              Julia Simpson
                                                                             Maggie Stormont

Special Thanks to our volunteers:  the very helpful and always delightful Diane Dolphin, Mary Mueller, Nancy Brown, Joan Fishbein, Karen Haskell, and Noreen Inglesi.  And all our behind-the-curtain wizards, including photographers William, Albert!

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