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                                  Lay Bare the Canvas: New England Poetry and Art 
                                                                   JUDGE: Denise Duhamel       
                                                       featuring the 2013 Loft Prize for Poetry

                First Place awarded to  Philip E Burnham, Jr., for his poem "New York Blizzard" 
                                                $1000 plus publication

                                                 Release date - July, 2014



                                                                   The 2012 Loft Anthology   
                                                 ForeWord Book of the Year Finalist   
                                     featuring winners of the 2012 Loft Prize for Poetry

                                           JUDGE: Rick Benjamin, Poet Laureate of RI

                    We are honored to present
this collection of Finalist and Winning poems 
                                                              by RI and MA poets

Kara Provost, John Campbell, Kim Baker, James Celenza, James Cronin, Sarah Gray, Julie Hassett, Brian Hickey, Kim Horton, Noreen Inglesi, Margaret Inman, Marguerite Keil Flanders, Karen Kurzman, Patricia Larose, Fay Martineau, Genevieve Meegan, Dale Rappaneau, James Rosenberg, Maggie Stormont, Tyler Tsang, Jamie Cooper, Dana Saccoccio,Tressa Cannata, Max Brumberg-Kraus, Lauren English, Brielle Manzolillo.

"The poet has given me a fresh look at something so seemingly familiar... I feel as if a blind had been lifted and I could see." 
             --RI Poet Laureate Emeritus Lisa Starr comments on "These Colors" by Tyler Tsang.

"A sublt audible carving into the ineffable...with such compression and agility.." 
              --RI Poet Laureate Rick Benjamin on Kim Horton's poem, "Butterfly on a Gravestone".


Sold Out  
Price:  $8.50   
Proceeds of this volume donated to the Rhode Island Community Food Bank.

Distributed to these favorite
book havens in Providence:

Brown Bookstore, 244 Thayer Street, 401- 863-3168  

Books on the Square, 471 Angell Street,  401-331-9097

Symposium Books, 240 Westminister Street, 401-273-7900

Cellar Stories Books, 111 Mathewson Street, 521-2665 

                            Thank You!  We know you will cherish this collection as much as we do!



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