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"Poems would be easy if our heads weren't so full of the day's clatter. The task is to get through to the other side,
where we can hear the deep rhythmns that connect us with the stars and the tides."   Stanley Kunitz

The Poetry Loft  explore your creative gifts
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ABOUT US                                                                                                                    

At The Poetry Loft, we strive to make poetry that is serious, fun, enlightening, and functional, created from a
world of imagined possibilities.  We are a community of poets who desire to explore and refine our writing
skills, submit work for publication, provide inspiration and motivation to fellow writers and readers, and
simply enjoy the poetic insights of fellow writers. Our members enrich the community through public readings,
publications, special events. Centrally located in Rhode Island, The Poetry Loft is easily accessible, surrounded
by ample parking, library, bookstore, and great shops.

The mission of TPL is to promote excellence in writing, to provide continuing support for writers, and to help writers become published. We offer an ongoing venue of support for both developing and established writers. While the main focus is on the creation of new works, members often exchange ideas on craft, publishing and other literary topics of interest.  Our Poetry Loft members have received local and national recognition and praise for their poetry and other literary works - a wonderful byproduct of our creative journey. 

Our Values:

     Excellence.  Improvement.  Growth.  Fairness.  Fellowship. 
           Support. Integrity.  Sharing. Respect. Trust. Inspiration.
                    Wisdom.  Enrichment.  Celebration.

Helping writers grow...

Founded in 2008 by Beatrice Lazarus, The Poetry Loft first gathered writers together in a "loft" space above a grocery store nestled on a hilltop. Though our locations have changed, we continue to be guided by a core vision: how can we improve our craft and grow as writers? How can  poetry make a difference in our lives and in our community?

The P
oetry Loft seeks to add a unique and lasting contribution to RI's cultural history and literary arts community. We look forward to new creative challenges and opportunities in the coming years!




Special Guest Authors Ann Hood and Robert Leuci at the "Authors on Art" readings presented by The Poetry Loft.

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